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Noticia - Linux 5.6 llega con WireGuard, USB 4.0, soporte Arm .

WireGuard-specific features are controlled by the userspace utility wg. Linux kernel Linux ≥ 4.1, with CONFIG_NET_UDP_TUNNEL, CONFIG_IPV6, and ordex and zx2c4 wireguard: avoid double unlikely() notation when using IS_ERR(). Integration of WireGuard into Trustgrid’s software-defined connectivity platform allows hosts and users to connect to cloud-based and on-premise applications via a cost-effective and highly secure software-defined perimeter (SDP).

La VPN WireGuard se integrará en el Kernel de FreeBSD .

Grandes mejoras sobre hardware Intel, AMD y Arm. Otras mejoras interesantes.

Llega una nueva versión LTS de Ubuntu - SlashMobility .

At least Netctl version ≥ 1.23 is recommended as previous versions had various bugs around WireGuard implementation. With WireGuard now officially supported by Ubuntu and integrated into the Linux kernel, I’ve decided it’s high time to for dedicated  Now that WireGuard is officially supported by Ubuntu, if you’re running a version of Ubuntu >=19.10, you can simply install WireGuard Originally, released for the Linux kernel, but it is getting cross-platform support for other operating systems such as FreeBSD and others. This page explains how to install and set up WireGuard VPN on Debian 10 Linux server. Wireguard encrypts your traffic quickly and safely, this guide will show you how to set up WireGuard VPN server and clients. The WireGuard configuration is as simple as setting up SSH. A connection is established by an exchange of public keys between server and Note: WireGuard needs kernel modules that are not yet implemented in the kernel. The installation process will install new kernel  1 . On Linux you can install WireGuard the same way you did for the server.

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Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.4.0-1parrot1-amd64 (x86_6 4) Consult  That may be because Kernel headers are missing!

WireGuard, el VPN elogiado por Linus Torvalds, llega este .

Package wireguard-dkms. xenial-updates (kernel): fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (DKMS version) [universe] 1.0.20201112-1~16.04.1: all  WireGuard requires at least Linux kernel version 3.10; it will be mainlined in Linux 5.6 in a few weeks. If Jolla won't allow kernel modules  30 Mar 2020 The Linux kernel 5.6 release includes some exciting new features. WireGuard has been added to Linux 5.6 – potentially replacing OpenVPN  do-release-upgrade -d and upgrading to Focal aka Ubuntu 20.04. This installed the 5.4.0-7629-generic kernel and now Wireguard is working  WireGuard will officially be included in the Linux kernel 5.6. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa will not use the kernel upon release, but will still implement the lean   27 Oct 2020 These new additions also include the WireGuard VPN protocol.

WireGuard, el VPN open source admirado por Linus Torvalds .

El repositorio se 2021-3-19 · De esta manera, aparecerán los datos del kernel de Linux. En nuestro ejemplo, se muestra la información sobre el kernel para Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. El kernel tiene el número 5.4.0-26. Además de la versión del kernel, puedes obtener más información (como la arquitectura del … 2021-2-17 · Hace un par de días que se lanzó Linux 5.9, una nueva versión del kernel que, como de costumbre, llegó repleta de novedades. Y, como de costumbre, nuestra cobertura se enfocó solo en lo más señalado, que ya suele ser[…] 2021-3-8 · Ya tenemos una nueva versión de WireGuard que, para los que no lo conozcan, se trata de un software de código abierto y libre que trata de implementar técnicas de VPN para crear una mejor seguridad entre conexiones.